Finale climbing 2017

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Marco Tomassini – Versante Sud
Livre broché, souple - 808 pages – 4 X 15 X 21 cm - Texte en anglais
Edition 2017

Finale is a magic and incomparable area: wild, harsh and with outstanding scenery. These white limestone crags that emerge from the luxuriant and bright green vegetation are unique in the whole western region of Liguria. Finale is an area to be explored that still offers, after thirty years of climbing and discovery, surprising vistas for climbers, hikers and bikers… and for anyone who wants to adventure into its valleys.

This guidebook, the fruit of two years work, is intended as a thank you and an acknowledgement to all those people, starting from far off 1968 when they still had mountaineering boots on their feet, who discovered Finale beginning its vertical history, and for the many young, and not so young, who are still bolting and cleaning paths today and are keeping the myth alive. A tribute to all bolters, from the glories of old to the new generations without which this guidebook couldn’t have possibly existed.

192 falaises.
Tracés sur croquis clairs et artistiques, cotations directement sur les tracés. Descriptions détaillées des approches. Histoire des grimpeurs du coin...
Nombreuses photos d’action.

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