DI ROCCIA DI SOLE - Climbing in Sicily

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Massimo Cappuccio, Chiara Cianciolo, Giuseppe Gallo / Versante Sud
Livre broché, souple - 528 pages - 3 X 15 X 21cm - Texte en anglais
Edition 2015

Tracés des voies sur photos couleur – beaucoup de photos d’action.

Four editions in little more than ten years. This figure alone gives you an idea of how much the world of climbing in Sicily has evolved. So many new developments, starting with the new sectors described in Palermo and in Syracuse, the addition of all the new recently bolted routes at San Vito Lo Capo, and the updating of the routes’ grades. The chapters dedicated to bouldering and dws are also new, activities practised more and more on the island. Syracuse by now has become an international area for deep water soloing, and the bouldering areas between Catania and Messina are being visited more than ever.
Even the number of multi-pitch routes has increased, some of the big names in world climbing have left their mark on the highest walls and the best and most spectacular routes are between Palermo and Trapani. In order to describe all this we now have three authors, as well as Massimo and Peppe, we have Chiara Cianciolo from Palermo who is passionate about sport climbing.
A vertical universe described in detail with dedication and passion, a valid instrument, engaging and substantial, to help you move with agility across the island’s rocks.

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