Passaggio a Nord-Ovest 2011

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Maurizio Oviglia / Fiorenzo Michelin - Éditions Versante sud
Livre broché, souple - 432 pages - 2 X 15 X 21cm - Texte en italien
Edition 2011
Tracés des voies sur croquis + photos d’action. Falesie e vie nelle valli del Piemonte occidentale

A guide casting a wide and inclusive glance on climbing in Western Piedmont valleys. After the first edition, published in 2005, here is a revised, updated and enlarged issue of a guidebook reviewing areas which, while being geographically adjacent, present a marked variety.
From Val Pellice to Rocca Sbarua, from Val di Susa to Val Chisone, a journey recounting the history of a very important part of climbing in Piedmont through its crags and walls.

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