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Erik Svab, Giovanni Renzi - Éditions Versante sud
Livre broché, souple - 195 pages - 1 X 15 X 21cm - Texte en anglais
Edition 2009
Magnifique topo avec tracés sur photos couleur.

Classic and modern routes

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are amongst the icons of the Dolomites. The imposing structure of this triad, their overhanging and shadowy faces, their slender spires, have aroused in the past and still today, not only great interest but also complete respect.
They are vertical and often overhanging faces, which require experience on rock which is not always good, as well as practical and psychological preparation.
The Tre Cime have been the destination in alpinism, from the early pioneers, of illustrious names in world alpinism, many of which have left their mark by opening new itineraries, making first repetitions, winter and solo ascents and link ups.
This guide compiles more than 100 routes, as well the classic itineraries it includes all the ascents which have been free climbed, both along the old aid routes as well as the more recent ones. Many of the routes described have been personally repeated by the authors, both excellent climbers and alpinists. It is an undertaking born from the wish to preserve the memory of the more difficult and less known routes, to prevent someone, unaware of them, from overlapping them with a line of bolts.

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