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Daniele Dazzi - Éditions Versante sud
Livre broché, souple - 259 pages - 2 X 15 X 21cm - Texte en italien et anglais
Edition 2009
Tracé des voies sur croquis noir et blanc

Climbing between Adamello massif and Garda and Iseo lakes

Fresh air gently blowing amongst the high peaks of Adamello massif, and the warm walls overlooking Garda and Iseo lakes: those main themes unravel in this guidebook, which reviews an all-season climbing area.
Granit calls up summer, with the impressive scenario of Val Salarno and Tredenus, featuring several multipitch routes not to be missed. For smearing-climbs lovers there are as well several crags - all of them being at an altitude over 1.000 mt.
Limestone walls are for winter climbs, offering veritable gems, like the crags of Madonna della Rota and surrondings, with its olive groves and the warm climate of nearby Iseo lake, or the crags on Garda lake banks, comparable, for their rock quality and for the climate, to Arco.
Last but not least, the most shining gem: Maddalena crag, towering just over the town of Brescia, presenting a breath-taking view on the Po valley, stretching to the Appennini range, which one could clearly see in the clear and bright days: these walls have been the cradle of Brescia mountaineering, moulding several generations of climbers.
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