Northern California Bouldering

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Chris Summit, Kevin Swift, Chris McNamara / Edition Supertopo
Livre broché, souple - 224 pages - 1 X 15 X 23cm - Texte en anglais
Edition 2009

Northern California Bouldering highlights 50 of the best bouldering areas from just north of Yosemite all the way up to the Oregon border and west to the Pacific Ocean. With color maps, action photos and supertopo photos as well as detailed descriptions of all the boulder problems it’s easy to use and easy on the eyes. Nearly every type of rock imaginable is included from limestone and sandstone to granite and volcanic tuff. All of the areas included are immersed in a variety of world class scenery from sea level to the alpine environments of the high Sierras. This guide contains new material highlighting new areas, and a selection of the best areas from the other two guides already in use, Bay Area Bouldering and Lake Tahoe Bouldering.

Northern California Bouldering includes new areas near Sonora and Bear Valley in the Central Sierras all the way up north past the best Tahoe areas to Bald Rock and Mt Lassen in the northeastern corner of the state. The order of the book then travels southwest down the Central Valley to the Bay Area’s best, then up north past a few newer inland areas and finishes in the far north on the Pacific Coast at the Arcata areas. Also included in brief detail are 20 Bonus Areas that are less popular or newly developed like Mount Tamalpais and the Sierra Buttes. All combined it makes a grand total of 70 areas with over 1700 problems! .

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1700 pas de blocs

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