Marmolada South face 2017

Marmolada South face 2017

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Maurizio Giordani - Edition Versante Sud
Livre broché, souple - 320 pages. Dimension (en cm) : 2 x 15 x 21. English language.
Edition 2017

Itinéraires précis sur photos couleur et croquis.
Pour ceux que des voies de 30 longueurs n’effrayent pas - ou font rêver !
Marmolada South Face offers approximately 200 routes: the majority are actual masterpieces, works of art which represent the evolution in mountaineering and the maximum expression of difficulty, effort and beauty.
Compiling this guidebook required an immense amount of work, researching, updating and thoroughly cataloguing any detail of more than 5000 pitches, featuring exact information guiding and accompanying the climber, with some extra sentences, even if not strictly necessary: that’s because rock is not only rock and a wall is not only a wall.

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