VALLE DELL'ORCO in english

VALLE DELL'ORCO in english

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Maurizio Oviglia - Éditions Versante sud
Livre broché, souple - 320 pages - 2 X 15 X 21cm - Texte en Anglais
Edition 2010
Magnifique topo; tracé des voies sur photos couleur + nombreuses photos d’action

This guide book describes the walls of Valle dell’Orco, from its crags to the legendary walls of Sergent and Caporal, ending with Colle del Nivolet. The many routes opened over the past few years and the increase in visits to the valley, especially by foreigners, convinced the author to write a book which is not a simple guide with grades and names of routes, but also the source of inspiration for new generations. This book suggests a path to follow, a possible direction for climbing without forgetting the past. Maurizio Oviglia with his customary precision and clarity has listed all the old and new itineraries of the valley, after repeating almost all of them and verifying their grade.

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