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A. Cicogna, M. Manica, D. Negretti/ Versante Sud
Livre broché, souple - 704 pages - 4 X 15 X 21cm - Text in english
Edition 2018

Tracé des voies sur croquis noir et blanc.
Photos d’action en couleur
136 suggestions à Arco, Valle del Sarca, Trento, Rovereto, Giudicarie Valleys, Valle dei Laghi, Val di Non.
Like a light shining in the darkness, Arco is the arrival point for all climbers.
Arco is the name we all know no matter where we come from. At Arco it is possible to climb almost all year round, and the rock is a gem. At Arco there is the Rock Master and the highest concentration of climbing shops in Europe, just as good if not better than Chamonix and maybe even Yosemite. And there is also the most spectacular ice cream ever tasted by a climber (to the envy of both Chamonix and Yosemite). But Arco is also the point of departure: the window opening on to the Sarca Valley, our mother rock par excellence and all her sisters.
So five years after our first guide, there is now the need to present a new edition of Arco Rock, brought up to date with 106 proposals instead of the previous 80, with over 3700 pitches on overhangs and roofs, slabs and vertical walls to whet the appetite of every climber.
With a third more proposals and not forgetting the hard work of bolting, cleaning, maintaining and rebolting of the crags by a few tenacious enthusiasts, our wish remains the same: that this guide may contribute to your enjoyment, making you go home with new dreams, projects, and a great desire to return.

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