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Jacky Godoffe / Versante Sud
336 pages - 2 X 15 X 21cm - Text in english
978-88-87890655 - Edition 2010

Bouldering in Fontainebleau
If you don’t already know Fontainebleau and you are about to discover this magic place, from the very first pages of this guide you will understand why its sandstone boulders are the most famous in the world of climbing. However if you already know the woods this guide will give you, thanks to the explanations, drawings and photos, a clear and effective means to choose your next objectives at a glance. Each problem is described emphasising the line rather than the grade because climbing is above all the intimate relationship between the climber and the rock.
5000 problems from 6a to 8c presented in a project structured in 3 volumes and 4 different languages, the most important ever realized about this area. Only an iconic protagonist of bouldering in Fontaineblau like Jacky Godoffe could compile this guidebook with such comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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