Schweiz extrem WEST

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Sandro Von Känel / Filidor
Livre broché, souple - 256 pages - 1 X 12 X 18cm - Texte en Allemand et anglais
978-3-906087-34-4 - Edition 2010
Tracés sur croquis noir et blanc - nombreuses photos couleur.
Voies dures, du 6 au 8 et +.
Gastlosen, Interlaken, Oberland, Grimsel, Simplon, St Niklaus, Vallée du Rhône

In the Fall of 2009, after weeks had passed since the final copies of „Schweiz extrem Band 1“ were sold out and a re-printing was imminent, I began work on the publication of the updated climbing guidebook which is here newly presented as „Schweiz extrem WEST“. The past months were interesting and educational. Though I was met with many new and invigorating experiences, I had hurdles to overcome as well. The workload behind the publishing of a guidebook of this caliper was unimaginable to me at the time. I also felt an obligation to maintain the same topo publishing standard established by Filidor in the past and continue the diligent research of the areas.
The impressive limestone walls of the Wenden with its annual international draw of so many ambitious climbers from all over the world convinced me to focus on this amazing climbing destination. Over 50 routes (many new since the previous edition) on the Wenden are included here. The Bernese Oberland and The Valais has innumerous sport climbing areas within a small region. Next to the classic and well known areas, new and exciting climbing areas are being discovered and getting developed. “Bolti“, for example, has so many routes to choose from, all with a casual approach time of less than 3 minutes! It takes a bit more time and effort to approach routes like the “Doldophin“ on the impressive SE face of the Doldenhorn, but absolute awesome alpine ambience is guaranteed.

I hope with this new edition of the guidebook in hand, you are inspired for the upcoming climbing season and have a great time climbing. Most importantly, have fun!

Sandro von Känel

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