Lecco e Como

Lecco e Como

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Eugenio Pesci - Éditions Versante Sud

Livre broché, souple - 378 pages. Dimensions (en cm) : 2 x 15 x 21. Edition 2007.
Texte en italien et allemand.
Tracé des voies sur croquis noir et blanc. Nombreuses photos d'action en couleur.

Resegone, San Martino - Medale, Sponda orientale Lago, Valsassina, Grigne, Triangolo Lariano, Sponda occidentale Lago. Five years have passed since the last edition, and nine from the first, a lot has happened on the edge of lake Como and on the mountain slopes that surround it.
This work which has been completely reviewed graphically and coordinated with Eugenio Pesci’s well known and precise ability, illustrates the present situation in this vast mountainous territory, pointing out all the news in terms of crags and sports and modern climbing itineraries, confirming the importance these rocks have historically in Italy’s climbing evolution.

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